5 People Who Give Their Wealth to Dogs

5 People Who Give Their Wealth to Dogs – There are some people who give their legacy to their dogs. Some of them are Majel Barret Roddenberry, Leona Helmsley, Ail Posner, Nora Hardwell, and Lee Alexander McQueen. Dog is considered as the most loyal pet. Dog also becomes the only pet that can understand the condition of the owner so well. Even more, there is a story where there was a dog lying down near the dead owner.

It proves that dog is the only animal that is considered as the best pet.

Besides that, dog is also obedient and cares to the owner. That’s why there are many people who pet dogs. Even more, many people also give their legacies to the dogs honestly so that their dogs can still survive after they die.

It may sound strange but it really happens and it’s done by so many rich people who have given their legacies to their dogs.

Here they are:

Majel Barret Roddenberry

She is Gene Roddenberry’s wife. She gives 4 million dollars to her dog. It is written in a dying exhortation that her dog also has the right to live at one of her luxurious houses.

Leona Helmsley

She is a rich businesswoman who also gives her wealth to her small dog. It is reported that she gives up to 12 million dollars to her small dog. However, that dog died in 2010 following the owner.

Gail Posner

Gail Posner

Gail Posner

She is a daughter of a rich and popular business man in America. She has a small dog and she loves it so much. Because of that, she also gives a golden necklace which costs 15,000 dollars. Even more, when she dies, she writes a dying exhortation which tells that she will give 3 million dollars and a luxurious house which costs 8.3 million dollar to her dog.

Nora Hardwell

She is also a rich woman who gives her wealth to her dogs, Tina and Kate. Those dogs get 450,000 pounds sterling and also a luxurious house where they can stay in. She also asks some people to take care for her dogs after she dies.

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Lee Alexander McQueen

He is a clothing designer who is very rich. He died in the age of 42 because of suicide. Before he dies, he writes a dying exhortation. On the dying exhortation, it is read that he asks his family or someone else to take care of his dogs. It’s because he loves his dogs so much. Besides that, he also gives 26 million dollars to his dogs.

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