5 Strangest Animals on Amazon River

5 Strangest Animals on Amazon River There are many strange and scary animals on Amazon River such as Pacu, Candiru, Electric Eel, Bull Shark, and Giant Otter. At Amazon Forest, there are thousands of strange species. Besides, you can also find a long river named Amazon River.

On that river, there are so many scary animals. However, they are also amazing.

We may know about anaconda, piranha, and vampire bats living on Amazon River. However, there are still many other strange animals found on Amazon River.

Here they are:


Pacu amazon river

Pacu amazon river (source : http://twentytwowords.com)

Talking about scary animals on Amazon River, you may mention piranha or anaconda. However, there is a scarier animal called pacu. This is fish that has teeth similar to humans.

This belongs to omnivore that can bite a man’s testis.

According to Papua Nugini people, this fish thinks that men’s private parts are very delicious.


Candiru amazon river

Candiru amazon river (source : bbci.co.uk)

Even though it is small, this is really strange and scary. It can make you frightened.

Candiru is a parasite that can enter to your private parts if you urinate around Amazon River. Then, the victim will feel so painful because Candiru has small & sharp thorns.

It has ever happened and the victim had to take a surgery to take out this animal. However, actually candiru often enter to other fishes and drink the blood.

Electric Eel

electric eel

electric eel Amazon River (source : youtube.com)

This eel can produce electricity with great power. Even more, the electricity power produced can cause a horse unconscious.

The electricity can reach up to 6000 volts. Even though it cannot kill human, it can cause problem on respiration so that the people will be unconscious and sink. That’s why there are many people who lost around Amazon River.

Bull Shark

bull shark amazon river

bull shark amazon river (source : squarespace.com)

Most sharks live on the sea but it lives on Amazon River because it can adapt to non-salty water. It weighs up to 312 kilograms.

Like the other sharks, this shark also has sharp & big teeth and strong jaws. The biting power equals 589 kilograms. This Bull Shark also often attacks humans who walk around Amazon River. That’s why many experts say that it is considered as the most dangerous shark in the world.

Giant Otter

GIant otter amazon river

GIant otter amazon river (source : wikimedia.org)

This giant otter is the biggest species on Amazon River because the length can reach up to 2 meters. This animal can eat up to 4 kilograms of food per day.

They are also very aggressive and can kill & eat anaconda. Even more, it can kill & eat crocodile in about 40 minutes only.

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That’s why it is considered as the wildest predator on Amazon River. Unfortunately, the population is always decreased because they are hunt by humans.

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