Do You Get The Chills From Music? You May Have A Unique Brain!

What happens to you when you listen to your favorite song? Does it give you the chills? Just like the feeling of having a lump in the throat when listening to particular music, getting the chills from music is a very rare phenomenon.

Matthew Sachs, a talented PhD student at USC, conducted a rather unusual study aimed at finding out the reason for getting the chills from a particular melody. It should be noted that not everybody is emotional enough to experience this unusual feeling.

The experiment involved 20 young people. Only 10 of them admitted that they got the chills when listening to some songs. Sachs analyzed the scans of each participant’s brain. Surprisingly, he found out that people who get the chills from music actually have structural differences in the brain. Their brain has a higher volume of fibers that connect their auditory cortex to the areas that are responsible for emotional perception. Later, it was found out that sensitive people who are inclined to empathy are more sociable and have better communicative skills.

The higher number of neural connections provides a better exchange of impulses between various parts of the human brain. As a result, emotions become stronger and more intense.

Although the above-mentioned study of Sachs was not a large-scale one, he continues to study the influence of music on the human brain. The scientist believes that a basic understanding of neurological reactions associated with the perception of sounds can become a breakthrough in diagnosing and treating various psychological disorders.

This kind of emotionality indicates to a more subtle situational perception and the ability to enjoy ordinary things. People who are sensitive to music are less prone to depression. By the way, music therapy can be well used to treat depression.

Have you ever thought that it is not ordinary sensitivity that causes intense emotions when listening to music? Did you know that getting the chills from music indicates to the unique capabilities of your brain? Let us hope that scientists will find more areas where music can be used as treatment therapy.



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