Unspellable Name Going Viral

Most of Harry potter fans should recognize if we mention “You-Know-Who”, “He-Must-Not-Be-named” or “The Dark lord”. These names refer to unmentionable character’s name, Lord Voldemort.

7 days ago an official trailer, named “Voldemort Origins Of The Heir”, released which already provoke the fans of J. l. Rowling. In a brief time the video already watched 1.8 million times and going viral in social media.

Uniquely the movie is a fan-made, so Warner Bros as the Home production of the previous movies does not take part. Moreover, the story recourse is from what J. K. Rowling Had written, but the movie making process has no connection with him.

The idea came from fans who reread the novels “Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince”. They made a group which received some fund to start the production, instead in the beginning of the action got a rejection from Warner Bros. in fact, luckily the producer had made an agreement with Warner Bros.

The story will focus on young Voldemort with the real name as Tom Riddle. Stefano Rosie has been chosen to play as Tom Riddle, Davide Ellena as Lord Voldemort.

Fans virally asking for the release date, but It is about the time to wait the film release on YouTube.

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